Faulkner Lifestyle

I live in Conway, Arkansas. The name of our county is Faulkner County. I have the honor of writing a monthly spiritual column for a magazine called Faulkner Lifestyle. The magazine is delivered to businesses around our community. I share the gospel, tell stories from my life, and do my best to encourage people in their relationship with God. I love writing for Faulkner Lifestyle! My inspiration each month comes from my social media posts. The posts that get the most likes and shares are usually developed into a column. (Got to love a process... even if it's simple!) Every time I write a column, I'm aware that some of the people who will read it may never step foot in a church. They will casu

Chase Your Freedom

It's the first day of October, and true to Arkansas weather, it's muggy and humid. (I love my home state!) This morning I was prepping for my radio program, and thinking about God's Word. I turned to Psalm 119 because it's my fave, go to chapter, for knowing and following God's Word. I was reading and absolutely struck by verse 32. "I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free." Y'all, have you ever heard anything SO beautiful? I stopped reading and started thinking. God's Word provides a path for us to follow. As we do, we run in the commands found in God's Word. The outcome? We are free--- really free! After reading Psalm 119, I opened my journal and jotted down a few