Satan: He Can't Touch You!

On this week’s podcast, I share a story I never thought I would tell! When my son was around 13 years old, I took him to a haunted house. Granted, it was not an easy decision to make and I never dreamed I would take him much less pay for the experience, but God taught a valuable lesson to me. Before I share the lesson, let’s recap what we have been talking about on Truth on the Go. We are wrapping up a three-part series on the Armor of God. Each day we need to wake up and visualize the armor as we put it on. Belt of Truth: Centers us Breastplate of Righteousness: Protects our heart Sandals of Peace: Helps us walk out God’s plan Shield of Faith: Provides protection from the lies of the enemy

The Armor of God

Have you studied the Armor of God? If not, today is the day! You will be SO encouraged by the weapons God provides for everyday life. The calling card of Satan is deceit, but God's Word trumps him every single time. So, if you are like me, and think of yourself as an everyday girl who loves Jesus, dig in and learn about the different pieces of the armor! I recorded a three-part podcast series on the armor of God and my heart was encouraged by the goodness of God to give us a visual picture of the spiritual weapons available to us. (Click here to listen to Podcast 1, Podcast 2) I hope you will listen to the podcasts because each one is full of application. It is good to know that God offers p

Tragedy of Errors

The Arkansas Shakespeare theater recently asked my husband to play a cameo role in a play called "Comedy of Errors.” Nathan's role was that of an executioner. He stood over his captive for quite sometime until he eventually proclaimed, “I quit “ and stormed off the stage. The costume design manager did an impeccable job of thinking through every detail of his costume. From the hood to cover his head to the foot-gear to cover his feet, each part of the costume had a purpose. It made me think of how when we don’t evangelize we leave the world in the dark, and when we don’t disciple believers we leave them unarmed to the invisible battle of the executioner (Satan ) who seeks to destroy our live