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Hope: More Than A Feeling!


Simply reading the word can fortify our faith. However, there is a difference between reading the word and experiencing hope in our daily walk with God.

Biblical hope is not an emotional whim that comes during the good times and exits during the hard times. Rather, biblical hope is a strong assurance based on God’s character rather than our circumstances. This type of hope requires a deep connection to God and His Word. Hope is fostered in spiritually healthy environments that seek to honor God and live out His plans and purposes for life.

Biblical hope requires strength that comes from the Lord. To me, one of the hardest times to display hope is when the people or circumstances around me are negative. Maybe you know what it is like to have a family member, close friend, or co-worker serving up a constant dose of “hard-core reality.” Maybe hope seems far away when you turn on the news or jump on social media because hope is the last thing you experience in both settings. Or maybe you wake up in the morning wondering what is going to happen next in your life because every day seems harder than the one before. In all these examples, hope can seem like a fleeting emotion controlled by the people in our lives and the circumstances going on around us.

Sweet Friend, I have good news for you. Hope is more than a feeling! Hope is cultivated in the deep places and spaces of life where abiding takes place between you and Jesus. What does this mean for all of us? It means that hope is real, and hope is ours in and through Jesus Christ.

If you are struggling to experience hope, you are not alone. Life has a way of being real—of revealing what is going on inside of us. Through it all, God has a message of hope for you. You see, at the very core of who God is and how He works, we find hope rising above circumstances, people, and feelings. God’s message is a message of hope, and it is from His heart to yours. I invite you to join me on this faith adventure as we learn how hope is more than a feeling! Download your FREE copy of Hope: More Than a Feeling!

Then join us in the Girl on the Go Private Facebook Community or the Andrea Lennon Ministry You Tube Channel for weekly videos on the topic of hope. We are going to define hope, describe hope, and apply hope to our daily lives. I can't wait!

P.S. I am back on Facebook! I lost my personal account, Andrea Lennon Ministry Facebook Account, and Andrea Lennon Ministry Instagram Account. I am slowly build everything back up. If you would like to reconnect on Facebook, please send a friend request to Andrea Lennon. Praise the Lord the Girl on the Go Community made it!

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