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Do you struggle with letting go of control?

Do you keep God and others at a comfortable distance? 

Do you wonder if you can trust God and His plan for your life?

In God in the Window, Andrea shares from personal experience how adoption, dyslexia, loneliness, friendship struggles, and lies from the enemy led to feelings of isolation and fear. Thankfully, God stepped in and changed the direction of her story. 

As you read this book, you will be encouraged to examine your own story as you: 

  • Ask the tough questions about the challenging circumstances of life. 
  • See how areas of struggle are limiting and controlling you. 
  • Begin to experience God’s abundant healing and grace. 

The difficulties of life don’t have to control you. God is ready to step into your story and redeem it. God is in the window of our lives, seeing, knowing, loving, and directing us! We can trust Him and know that the place of surrender is a great place to be.

God in the Window

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