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In Abraham’s life, we see him facing chance after chance to step out in faith. Sometimes he faced battles head-on and conquered. Sometimes he avoided confrontations or lied to save his own skin. Sometimes he triumphed and sometimes he failed miserably. The Bible doesn’t gloss over how human Abraham was—and that’s how his journey can inspire us on our journeys.

Our stories may not be as dramatic as Abraham’s, but we face the same question Abraham did: “God, can I trust you?” Will we take steps of faith even though we’re unsure about the future? Will we follow God’s plan over our plan? Sometimes in life we experience more confusion than clarity, more chaos than consistency. We can’t see ahead any further than Abraham could, but we follow the same faithful God that he did!


In this book, we will study how God spoke truth into Abraham’s life. Along the way, God will speak truth into our own lives. Join us as we learn how to:


Identify the lies we believe and replace them with the truth. Trust God deeply so that our circumstances no longer control us. Put our eyes on Jesus so faith defines our journey and legacy.


In Abraham, we see a person following God throughout his best and his worst days. Wherever we are in our faith walks—whether we’re starting our journey with God or just starting our day—we can follow God too. Do you need a fresh start or a fresh move of God in and through your life? Come join us On The Road with Abraham!

On The Road With Abraham

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