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Her Journey:

Ruth stood on the dusty road between Moab and Bethlehem and considered two very different lives. A life that had been and a life that could be. The choice she made echoes down to our age. Ruth’s story is riveting. It is full of heartbreak, loss, healing, and soul-deep restoration. Throughout her story, we see how Ruth chose to follow the One True God and to trust Him even when life did not make sense. Despite being a foreigner from a pagan land, she became known to the people of her new home as a women of character.


Our Journey:

Daily we stand in the middle of our roads and make decisions that shape the course of our lives. Sometimes the choices are made during moments of difficulty and pain. Other times the choices are made during moments of clarity and calm. No matter the road that we face, we can know that God is in control and that He has a plan for our lives. In this book, we will study the story of Ruth. Along the way, we will examine our own stories. Come along on this journey and discover how you can live a life that honors God by displaying:


* The right set of beliefs

* Christ-like character qualities

* An eternal perspective during uncertain times

On the Road with Ruth

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