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God's Best

My family recently moved to a new home. We are still in Conway, Arkansas and we are slowly settling in to our new space. We love it! I walk around my house every day and thank God for it.

The buying and selling process is not for the faint of heart. During our buying and selling process, we had our eyes on another house. I knew that it was "the one!" I drove past it several times a week (ok... I drove past it every single day) and I prayed that it would be ours. I wanted that house! It had a double oven which is like the Promised Land for a mom of boys.

In the end, we did not get that house. While it was a great house, God had a better plan. He was going to provide a house that could meet our needs in ways that I could never ask for or even imagine.

A few weeks after the "dream" house fell through we looked at another one. It was even better than the first house. We made an offer on it and within a week we had two offers on the house that we were selling. Literally, everything fell into place! It was stressful, but God made it happen. I have no doubt about it.

As I look back on the process, I am reminded about an important spiritual truth. Do not settle for less than God's best! Think about that statement for just a moment. We settle for things that are "good enough" all the time.

• We settle for a little bit of freedom and it is enough.

• We settle for a little bit of victory and it is enough.

• We settle for a little bit of God's power and it is enough.

What would our lives be like if we stopped settling for less than God's best? Our lives would be full. Our lives would be free. Our lives would be powerful. Others would see Jesus in us.

The weekend that we moved, I was out of town leading a retreat in Northwest Arkansas. The timing for the retreat was not great, but it could not be avoided. Jay and the boys took the lead on the move and did a fantastic job getting everything moved to the new house. The following day, twenty of our good friends showed up and they helped unpack boxes and arrange furniture. Within twenty-four hours, we had a new home and were unpacked and settled in. God is so good!

Here is the deal. God is faithful to provide on every level. He provides for our physical needs as well as our spiritual needs. My encouragement to you: Do not settle for less than His best! Ask God to show you areas where you are settling for less and then ask Him to help you. Often times God's plan for us is more than what we can ask for or even imagine. His plan is bigger than what we can create for ourselves. God is way ahead of us and He is paving the way. He is frustrating the plans that need to be frustrated and He is blessing the plans that need to be blessed. Let's put our eyes on Him and press on. He is faithful to provide. Never, ever settle for less than God's best!

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