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Let's Celebrate Easter... Together!

We have so much to celebrate today and always. Good Friday, Silent Saturday, and Resurrection Sunday remind us that God's demonstrated love is real. Invite His love to change you today.

Good Friday really was good,even though it was heavy, and seemed hopeless. The impact of sin was paid in full by Jesus. Let us never forget that no one took Jesus’ life. He willingly gave it up for you and me. 

This is love.

This is mercy.

This is grace.

Good Friday was hard in every way. Death. Sin. Compromise. Betrayal. Lies. Sin is serious, but, praise God, sin is never greater than our God and His willingness to redeem. 

It’s Friday, but Sunday is coming! 

Jesus’ followers probably felt alone, defeated, hopeless, and afraid following His death. They had given their lives to follow Him. They had hopes, dreams, and plans. Then death came and snatched it all away. 

Have you been there?

Maybe you are there right now.

The silence of Saturday can be deafening.

Hang on.

God is still God in the dark moments of life. 

Saturday reminds us that trouble does not surprise, overwhelm, or negate God’s plan. God is able to save no matter the situation we face!    

Grief turned to joy.

Despair turned to hope.

Darkness turned to light.

Jesus defeated Satan.

Life changed forever. 

Sin was conquered. 

Grace abounded.

Mercy triumphed.

Love won.

Victory is ours. 

Hallelujah, what a Savior!

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