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Chase Your Freedom

It's the first day of October, and true to Arkansas weather, it's muggy and humid. (I love my home state!) This morning I was prepping for my radio program, and thinking about God's Word. I turned to Psalm 119 because it's my fave, go to chapter, for knowing and following God's Word.

I was reading and absolutely struck by verse 32. "I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free." Y'all, have you ever heard anything SO beautiful? I stopped reading and started thinking. God's Word provides a path for us to follow. As we do, we run in the commands found in God's Word. The outcome? We are free--- really free!

After reading Psalm 119, I opened my journal and jotted down a few questions that I need to answer each day.

What are the things I tend to chase that lead to bondage in my life?

* Approval/Acceptance from people

* Feeling of being "good" and doing "enough"

* Perfection in my performance which leads to the never ending cycle of self-evaluation, regret, and fear

What are the things I need to chase that lead to freedom in my life?

* A heart that longs for God. (Period. He is enough!)

* Eternal impact that can't be measured by human standards or human outcomes

* Progression in my sanctification process

* A deep desire for God's grace because "I can't" apart from Him

* Satisfaction in loving and serving God in the secret places and spaces of life

As I looked at my starkly different lists, I thought about my focus. Who am I looking to and what am I looking for during my day? The answer has to be Jesus. Only Jesus!

How about you? How are you doing when it comes to chasing your freedom by running in the commands of God? This week we have the chance to run hard after Him. As we do, we will turn from self-reliance to desperate dependence as we run in His commands. Sweet friends, find a precept to follow and a promise to claim. Then... start running!

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