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Faulkner Lifestyle

I live in Conway, Arkansas. The name of our county is Faulkner County. I have the honor of writing a monthly spiritual column for a magazine called Faulkner Lifestyle. The magazine is delivered to businesses around our community. I share the gospel, tell stories from my life, and do my best to encourage people in their relationship with God. I love writing for Faulkner Lifestyle! My inspiration each month comes from my social media posts. The posts that get the most likes and shares are usually developed into a column. (Got to love a process... even if it's simple!)

Every time I write a column, I'm aware that some of the people who will read it may never step foot in a church. They will casually look through the magazine while sitting in a doctor's office or waiting for their car to be serviced. Maybe the title of my column catches their attention, and they are willing to take a moment to read it. It excites me to know that God works in the little details of life. I pray for the readers every month and it is so fun to hear from them!

In this months issue, I had the chance to share my story and tell readers a little more about True Vine Ministry. What a blessing! I encourage you to check out Faulkner Lifestyle. You can read the magazine on-line at

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