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A Posture of Worship

I had the opportunity to try something new this past week, skiing, in the San Juan mountains. My kids were wide eyed and mystified as they watched the many people fly over the white snow covered caps. That very sense of wonder and awe is what I never want to loose for the Lord. My kids went to ski school, and they had an instructor explain to them how to stand, foot placement, and posturing. Their job was to follow the instructor in the "S" curve down the mountain. I watched them fall and at times get off balance, but I was at the bottom cheering for them saying, “ I’m so proud of you, baby! Way to go!”

In this week's Truth on the Go Podcast, Andrea welcomes special guest Susan Goss of Tangible Truth Ministries. Andrea and Susan speak of the term: Circle Talk. It couldn’t be a more timely topic for me to pray about and consider in my own walk with the Lord. In this podcast, you will be challenged to consider: Where am I focusing my time, talents, energy, and gifting's?

Andrea and Susan helped me consider the posture of my heart and my thought process. I found myself asking the question, "How do I live a life of worship each and every day?" Webster defines posture as, "considering something, an approach or attitude." God is so beautiful in all His ways. He fascinates me with His love. He brings the right people into our lives at the right time for His right purposes. All of this brings Him glory! Every day I have the opportunity to tune into Him, but I must be intentional on all fronts. For it is in that intentional focus and letting go of control of things not in my circle, that everything changes.

On the mountain, my kids would tell me they were cold, sore, hurt, tired, hungry, and scared. I would wipe their noses, put sunscreen on their faces, brush off their tears, feed them a snack between the runs, and tell them, "You've got this...I believe in you!"

We all need to cast off anxieties and just intentionally do what needs to be done by taking action. 1 Peter 5:7 says, "Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you." In the podcast, Andrea digs into the word “ casting.“ Susan shared that casting implies doing something because it is never passive!

Life gets hard. Just like my kids started off on the green slopes and moved to the blues ones over the following days, the routes got steeper and longer. Yet as Christians we have a living promise that nothing can separate us from the love of God. Daily, we are to live in a posture that accepts His love. A love that breathes Him in and out every day.

On our spring break trip, my children in the beginning would say, “ I won't ever be as good a skier as her/him.” I would remind them that everyone has to start somewhere. That we each have to run our own race that is set before us. We are in control of our own reactions and bodies. Sadly my babies at times want to tattle tell on their friends, and I always remind them to focus on what we can control which is ourselves. We can’t waste time on trying to control others behaviors, actions, or reactions.

Circle talk helped me know the value of giving people time and space and how that time and space allows the Holy Spirit to work and move in their lives. He alone prunes and sanctifies our hearts. We don’t get to play the role of the Holy Spirit in other people's lives. Susan shared about a time in her walk where she didn't know what was right or true. At that moment, she needed clarity so she got on the floor and asked God for help. Psalms 119:18 says God will open our eyes. Psalms 119:130 tells us that the Lord's unfolding Word gives light and understanding. Our job is to stop striving and start abiding. Psalms 46:8 encourages our souls that we don’t have to control people or situations to try to get a certain outcome. That God holds all things together. (Colossians 1:17) Even our bodies are made of laminin a cross shaped protein molecule in our makeup. So we can know God is good, and there is no fear in living and walking in His ways. Jeremiah 29:11 tells us that God always has the final say. We can wait and trust in Gods plan. He is faithful to lead us where He wants us to go. When we say "yes" to the doors He opens, we can know He directs our steps. All of this helps us to embrace a posture of worship.

Every person Andrea brings on her show and on her True Vine Ministry Team has literally seen nothing short of God’s amazing grace. God’s kindness and greatness of His love is shown in every word shared. The friendships you see in part are simply glimpses of God's constant loving redeeming pursuit of each of our hearts. He makes all things new. Creating new memories out of old wine skins (Mark 2:22 ).

As we hear each story of the amazing people on Andrea’s TOTG podcast, we see how God’s hand is always on our lives in ways we often can't comprehend (Job 12:10). Just like my children went from tears to laughter in no time on the mountain, so does God lead us to a path of righteousness. He allows us to know Him more, as we lay down our lives to pick up all the things He is at work doing in and around us. My hope is that you hunger, seek, and thirst for Gods amazing love. Leaning into the places and people where is He is already at work, joining Him in the mission of now.

If you want to be encouraged, tune in each week to Andrea’s podcast. You will always walk away feeling uplifted and brought into the presence of the Lord.

Jessica Brown

True Vine Ministry Blogger

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