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God Knows What's Next

On this week's Truth On The Go Podcast, Andrea visits with her lifelong friend, Sarah Heringer. Andrea and Sarah grew up together in Harrison, Arkansas. Sarah shares about a ten year battle with an eating disorder that took place during her 20's. You will be so blessed by the honesty and transparency in this conversation! Sarah shares about the importance of exposing secret sin to the light of Jesus. When we expose the hurt, Jesus can and will heal it! If you struggle with an eating disorder or know someone who does, this conversation will help you understand some of the root issues as well as ways to get help. God is so good and His redeeming love is powerful in our lives!

Eating Disorders

This week on the blog, we are sharing one of Sarah's posts from her blog found at Visit Sarah's blog and subscribe!

God knows what’s next.

He knew the day His one and only perfect blameless Son was brutally beaten and murdered what was coming next. He knew He had a plan of redemption for anyone who believes and accepts His love, grace and forgiveness.

He knows what’s next.

And sometimes that’s hard for me because I want to know what’s next. I want to know what’s coming so I can be prepared. Braced and ready for whatever. But I’ve always heard that when someone is about to have a wreck and tightens up because they know a collision is about to happen, their injuries are worse and they are more sore than if their body hadn’t known what was coming; if they had just gone with whatever happened next.

So, while sometime this blind-sighting of pain or tragedy can feel like a betrayal by God- we must know He is not a God of betrayal. He is a good God who loves us more deeply than we can imagine. He knows what’s next, but He also knows there’s always a way out and a plan of redemption and healing. In Him, through Him and only with Him.

He knew what was next that gruesome Friday. He knew Sunday was coming.

Are you in a Friday moment? Hold on, Sunday's Coming!

Sarah Heringer

Sarah Heringer

True Vine Ministry

Guest Blogger

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Andrea Lennon

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