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From Prison to Praise

In this two-part podcast (and here), you will hear a powerful story from Tracy Lindsey on her testimony from prison to a position of praise. Tracy shares how God’s grace has been working through the years of her life even when she didn’t recognize His hand in the moment. Her words encourage the listener to know that fear is a liar. She speaks life and hope to us by saying that where we are at right now, doesn’t have to define us forever. Tracy was a drug addict for 16 years. During that time, she walked out on her husband and three children, leaving behind anyone who had truly loved her. Her life spiraled out of control and she wondered many days why she was still alive. Her life of drugs and crime resulted in a 3 year sentence in the Arkansas Department of Corrections.

While in prison, Tracy turned her life over to Christ. Now, she is speaking in jails, presenting the Good News of Jesus Christ, and helping others know how to experience change their lives. God helps us become women of hope, faith, and love. He enables us to have obedience to His calling and plans for our lives. Through Jesus we receive unlimited grace, that empowers us to have courage, take risks, and live daring lives. Tracy shares how prison didn’t change her life, Jesus did! The reality is that sin impacts all areas of our lives, from spiritual to physical to emotional. Tracy and Andrea speak on how often we only see one piece of the puzzle, when God is actually doing a million things. God always sees the end from the beginning, and He holds us together even when we don’t know it.

Tracy now uses her low moments to encourage and build up other women. She saw a need and God opened a door for her to have a home for women transitioning out of prison to learn about the word of God and become productive members of society once again. Tetelestai is the Greek translation of the last words Jesus spoke on the cross when He said, "IT IS FINISHED." (John 19:30)

Tetelestai House is a caring house for women coming out of jail or prison who want to make a change in their lives. Tetelestai House is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) public charity. They teach life skills and offer classes according to residents' needs (i.e. GED prep, job readiness, etc.) in order to help the ladies reenter the work force and become productive citizens once again. Tracy story reminds us that with God all things are possible. Let us ask God to enlarge our territory for His glory. Trusting it will be a life more beautiful than anything we could have imagined. Best Regards, Jessica Brown

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