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Powerful Stories of Transformation

Hey, sweet friends!! I hope your summer is off to a great start. I have been traveling quite a bit and just now getting back on Central Standard Time. I love that ministry takes me all over the world and provides opportunities to invest in the lives of women with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

I am always amazed by the fact that people from unique cultures are really more alike than different!

  • We all need to be loved and valued.

  • We all need to be seen and known.

  • We all need to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

  • We all need a Savior.

These truths serve as an equalizer in our lives and place us in a position to know God and be known by Him!

If you follow the radio portion of True Vine Ministry called Truth on the Go, you know we regularly feature powerful stories of transformation. Over the last few weeks, we have heard some incredible stories. I strongly urge you to listen to these stories and share them with others.

I can't stress enough the power of our stories. It's in the context of our stories that we are real, vulnerable, and see the tangible outcomes of transformation in the midst of our challenging circumstances. We always need to remember that we serve the God of hope!

Below you will find a quick link to the stories we shared over the last few weeks. Please visit Soundcloud and subscribe, rate, like, and share Truth On The Go Podcast. This small action will only take a minute, and will help us reach more people with the life-changing message of Jesus! I love you so and I am praying for you today!!


Lacy Glover: Former Miss Arkansas shares about growing up in small town Arkansas, how her faith gave her confidence, and how a recent health crisis allowed her the opportunity to reside in her faith.


Spring Hunter: Executive Director of Conway Ministry Center shares about growing up in poverty, a religious cult, and meth addiction. God set Spring free and gave her an incredible story to tell!


Spring Hunter: In this part two conversation, Spring talks about the goodness of God to never take our callings away from us. God will not only redeem us, He will redeem all of us. Shame, guilt, and the lies of the enemy should never control us!


Tracy Lindsey: Founder of Tetelestai House shares about her time in the Arkansas Department of Corrections. It was in prison where Tracy met Jesus. Her life was radically changed and today she helps women through a vibrant prison ministry.


Tracy Lindsey: In this part two conversation, Tracy talks about the power of God to restore the broken areas of life.


Sarah Heringer: Sarah shares about a private battle with an eating disorder that took place in her 20’s and led to years of infertility and multiple miscarriages. God healed and restored Sarah's life and blessed her family with three beautiful children!


Sarah Heringer: In this part two conversation, Sarah continues her story of faith and family. Exploring her role as a wife and mom, Sarah shares practical ways to raise your children to love and serve Jesus. We can be at peace with who we are and we can thrive during hard times.


Donna Clifton: Donna shares her story about an unexpected pregnancy followed by an abortion. Donna knows what it is like to experience secret shame, deep depression, infertility, cutting in order to try and ease the pain, and even despair of life. Thankfully, Donna experienced God's love and forgiveness and is telling her story.


Donna Clifton: In this part two conversation, Donna shares practical help for anyone dealing with shame and regret following an abortion. This conversation is a life-changer for anyone struggling with the question, "Can God forgive me?" You do not have to stay in the secret place of shame. Help is available and God loves you!

I hope you listen to these stories and realize that you have a story to tell!! God never leaves us in our shame, doubt, fear, and sin. He is always at work redeeming our lives. I would love to hear how God is working in your life! I love you!

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