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Don't Give Up!

Have you found yourself in a confusing situation and have no idea how you got there and no idea how to get out? Maybe this is a situation at home, at work, at church, or with your friends. I like to call these situations a spiritual ditch, and I have had my fair share of them!

Finding your way

This week on Truth On The Go, I talk about spiritual ditches. Proverbs 2:1-5 shares practical steps to get out of the ditch and back on track with God and His plan for your life! Here is a quick recap.

1. Accept God's Wisdom- Find out what God says about the situation going on in your life. The Bible is our "go to" resource for wisdom and instruction. Once you find out what the Bible says about your situation, be creative as you get God's truth into your life. Read it, memorize it, speak it, claim it, and share it! Cling to God's truth and begin to live it out.

2. Turn Your Ear to Wisdom- Value God's will and way over the temporary desires or quick fixes. Honestly, sometimes it's hard to want God's plan especially when we are in a spiritual ditch. When this occurs, we can pray, "Lord, help me to want You more than I want ______." This cry of faith is a powerful commodity and provides the path out of the ditch! Side note--- Don't beat yourself up if you find yourself in a ditch. God's mercy and grace are more than enough to help you! At the same time, don't minimize the fact that sin has become a stronghold in your life, and you need deliverance from that sin. Be honest with God and yourself!

3. Apply God's Wisdom to your Heart- Fight fear with faith. Sometimes a spiritual ditch can cause us to be afraid of going back to a former way of life, staying in the present situation, or moving forward to a new reality. The outcome is paralyzing fear. As a result, we sit tight in the situation and the sin or difficulty becomes more and more embedded in our lives. It is important to admit the fear so we can begin to fight for freedom and faith.

4. Call out for Insight and Cry Aloud for Understanding- Surrender to God's holy plan! Aren't you thankful we don't have to stay in the ditch? Deliverance is available to us! Calling out and crying aloud require God's perspective. We can ask God, "Please help me to see the TRUTH in the midst of my situation." God in His grace will show us the motives of our heart as well as the reality of our situation from His holy perspective. The Spirit will draw us to Himself and begin to break the chains that currently bind. This process of breaking is hard and scary, but it leads to deliverance!

5. Look for Wisdom like you Look for Silver- Look for God, His Word, and His plan like you look for hidden treasure. This becomes the practical outcome of deliverance. When we are in a spiritual ditch, we have to dig deep and be committed to God and His way of living. If you have tried to find hidden treasure at a diamond field or mine, you know it requires hard work and commitment to the process. Daily we can apply this same concept to life. Seeking God requires focus and always leads to action.

These five steps lead to peace and victory as we put on a God-sized filter for life. The outcome will be a heart and mind that understands what is right, just, and fair because:

* Discretion will protect you!

* Knowledge will be pleasant to your soul!

* Wisdom will enter your heart!

If you are in a confusing situation, don't give up! Right now God is restoring your life. Hang on to hope as you hang on to truth. To hear more about this topic listen to my series from the book of Proverbs on Truth on the Go and be encouraged by God's amazing Word! For additional resources visit the True Vine Website!

Much Love!


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