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But God!

I love the statement, "but God!" It represents the power of God to change lives. We all need a "but God" mentality. On this week's Inspire on the Go episode, we hear a powerful story that reminds us that God is good and His power is real. Listen here!

Emily and Caleb Freeman share about holding on to faith amid trauma. With remarkable transparency, Caleb and Emily recount the accident that nearly took Caleb's life. Doctors gave Caleb little chance of survival. But when Emily and her husband, Jeremy, turned to prayer---and asked other believers to join them---God performed a miracle.

Listen to this episode and be encouraged in your challenging circumstance to know God and experience hope and healing no matter the outcome. We can trust God in life and death. We can grow through seasons of adversity. As Caleb shares on the podcast, we can know our purpose in life and inspire others to know Jesus because impossible does not exist with God! ! Be sure and order a copy of #butGod: The Power of Hope When Catastrophe Crashes In

Thank you, Jeremey, Emily, and Caleb, for sharing your story. The Gospel impacts thousands of lives as you point others to the hope found in Jesus. Your willingness to trust God during your storm(s) challenges us to grow during the storms we face. Listen to the episode here or on any podcast platform. Be sure and subscribe to Inspire on the Go! We have lots of great episodes coming your way this season.

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