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Waiting on God and Watching for His Move!

How do we embrace a life that waits on God and watches for His move in a fast-paced world that values quick decisions and easy resolutions? The answer is simple. We do it!

Three truths that help us embrace a life of waiting and watching!

  1. God is moving on our behalf. Hear this, sweet friend, the resolution to your situation may or may not happen today or tomorrow. But, at some point, it will happen! Every moment of every day, God is moving on our behalf. This leads us to wake up each morning excited about our day. This excitement helps us engage in life with a sense of purpose even when unsure of God's specific plan.

  2. The outcome is clear in God's heart and mind. We must remember that God is sovereign, providential, and purposeful in fulfilling His plan. Our lives are never out of control or beyond God's ability to direct, redeem, or use for His glory. God knows exactly what we need and what needs to happen around us. God is faithfully working even when we do not sense what He is doing or why it has to happen, ""this way!""

  3. We can be empowered through the waiting and watching process. We should never view waiting and watching as wasted time. The opposite is actually true. Times of waiting and watching offer an opportunity for spiritual growth. Every area of our life changes as we wait and watch. Our hearts are more in tune with God because we learn to identify how He is working. As we identify these areas, we have the opportunity to join Him. Joining God always leads to spiritual growth and positions us to walk in His plan. The bottom line of the waiting and watching process is that the journey is just as important as the destination. Through the journey, we learn more about God and ourselves.

Why should we wait and watch? I mean, really. Waiting and watching are contrary to everything we learn in today's world. The short answer is that waiting and watching are biblical. God calls His people to wait on His timing and watch for His move. During this call, we have an incredible promise to claim. ""Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."" (Philippians 1:6, NIV)

From the moment we enter this world to the moment we leave it, God is doing good work in us, around us, and through us. We don't have to wonder if God desires to complete this good work in our lives. He does! We don't have to worry that God has forgotten us. He has not! We don't have to question God's level of commitment. He is ""all in"" when it comes to you and me! The question is this. Are we ""all in"" when it comes to Him?

When we wait and watch, we let go of the need to over-plan, over-prepare, and over-organize our lives to the point where God is no longer in the mix. Instead, we recognize that God is in the leadership position. We commit to following His lead, no matter how long it takes. When we wait and watch, we also avoid manipulating the situation to reach our desired outcome. Instead, we surrender to God's will and follow His purposes.

Such sweet relief comes as we know that God is willing and able to lead our lives. Right now, stop trying to lead your own life. Instead, wait on God and watch for His move. Then share how God shows up and shows out with the people you love. You might be surprised at how empowering this action proves to be in your daily walk with God.

Order your copy of On the Road with Ruth to learn more about waiting and watching. An entire chapter of the book is devoted to this topic. Be sure and access the free teaching videos and handouts for On the Road with Ruth available on my website. You really can wait on God and you really can trust him to move!

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