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Who is a Girl on the Go?

A Girl on the Go is someone taking the truth of God's Word with her as she GOES through her day. Knowing it, Living it, and Sharing it! We love to feature stories that highlight the Girl on the Go life. Check out the amazing story below!

A sweet mother came to an Andrea Lennon Live event and purchased a few copies of Reflecting His Glory. Before long, several family members decided to do the study together. In this video, one of the members is encouraging the others to memorize Romans 12:2 which is the key verse for Reflecting His Glory.

I am thankful the video made its way back to the ministry along with a recount of all the ways God worked and moved in the lives of the women who participated in the study! At Andrea Lennon Ministry, this is a success story and what the ministry is all about… encouraging women to know, live and share truth!

Do you have a Girl on the Go story to share with us? We would love to feature your story in an upcoming blog post! Simply record a short video or write up a short paragraph and submit it here! We love to celebrate what God is doing in and through your life.

Much Love!


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