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Bible Chat with Katie & Andrea

Hey, sweet friend! I hope this blog finds you and yours doing well. My Spring Calendar of Events is off and running. I am LOVING seeing so many of you!

Today, I have a fun opportunity to share with you. Many of you know my sweet friend Katie Orr. She is a dynamic Bible teacher passionate about helping women study the Word and apply it to their lives. I encourage you to check out all the amazing resources over at The Bible Study Hub!

I remember the first time I met Katie. We shared a ride to a Lifeway Women's Forum, where we both had the opportunity to teach at the event. God is so good to knit hearts together for His glory! In today's chat, we reminisce about that car ride and our friendship that has developed over the years!

Recently Katie invited me to join her over at The Bible Study Hub for a new series called Bible Chats! Once a month, Katie invites a friend to "hang out" and share about her Bible journey. The series features Bible Study teachers, podcast hosts, and more.

In our Bible Chat, you'll hear about:

  • My Bible journey and how God used my adoption to teach me about Himself.

  • A bit about my seven-year season of rebellion and what brought me back to the Lord and to a life of surrender.

  • How God uses me despite my weakness.

  • My top tips for knowing, living, and sharing God's truth.

  • And MORE!

As always, I am so thankful for you!

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