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Inspire Recap!

I'm overwhelmed with love and joy for all the ways God moved in the hearts and lives of 900 sweet sisters last weekend at Arkansas Baptist Inspire! From Tara Dew bringing the Cory & Stephanie leading us to the throne of mercy and the incredible teams that helped make the weekend First Baptist Church, Russellville for opening their doors to us and their incredible each of YOU that came...WOW! Thank you so much! Inspire 2023 was special in every way! Now it's time to Flourish!

If you missed Inspire or want to listen to the content again, access it here! You will get to step into the room with 900 women. Sing with us. Pray with us. Flourish with us. You are loved and can flourish in and through Jesus Christ as a loving God prunes you. Enjoy this deep dive into John 15!

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