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The Beauty of Adoption

Over the last few years, I have watched more and more of my friends walk through the beautiful adoption process. Adoption is special to me because I am adopted. Each Mother's Day, I take a few minutes and thank God for my biological mother. She demonstrated love and sacrifice by giving me a chance at life. I also take time and thank God for my adoptive mother, who pursued me, brought me into her family, and raised me as her own. I love this picture of me in the hospital just before I headed home with my parents!

I think God has a special place in His heart for adoption too. Through the process of adoption, we see the greatness of God on display. We also learn that we can trust God with every detail of life.

When I think about my adoption, I think about how God directed the events of my life. Even when I didn't know what was happening, God selected the right family for me. Hope springs up in my heart as I remember that God directs every detail of life. He leads and guides us even when we do not recognize what is happening around us.

There are so many similarities between earthly adoption and spiritual adoption. In fact, this is the main reason I love being adopted! I know what it is like to receive lavish grace to the point where I am granted standing that I do not deserve. Just like my adoptive parents took sacrificial steps to make me their own, God took sacrificial steps to make way for me to be a member of His family.

Without a doubt, adoption provides a beautiful picture of salvation. When adopted, a person moves from no standing, rights, and privileges to full standing, rights, and privileges. Why? Because a loving parent pursues the child to make way for them to be wanted and welcomed into their home.

The same is true in God's family. We are wanted and welcomed in the family of God. In fact, we are so wanted and welcomed that God took the necessary steps to provide the way. God loves you and me so much that He sent Jesus, His only Son, to this earth. While on earth, Jesus did amazing things. He healed people. He taught people. He loved people. Ultimately, Jesus made a way for you and me to be a part of His family by dying on the cross to pay for our sins. This action is something that we could not do on our own. Because of Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection, we can be a child of God.

Today you have the opportunity to respond to God's love by asking Jesus to forgive you and save you. Friend, He will do it! Jesus is the way. Jesus is the truth. Jesus is the life.

I am reminded of God's love on the days leading up to Mother's Day and the days following it. I am reminded of how God goes before us in our earthly adoptions but so much more in our spiritual adoptions. Today, you can ask Jesus to save you from your sins and enjoy being part of the family of God! I would love to connect with you if you have questions about how you can be saved. Just reach out!

Read my book God in the Window, to learn more about my adoption journey and God's heart for you. Always remember that you are loved!

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